Food and Beverage

we are one of the leading suppliers of food packaging for staple products such as peanut butter and jams.

Since 1995 we have been supporting the local food and beverage industry with leading packaging

One of our top products is our 375 ml Jar renowned for its reliability. The Itachi 375ml food grade jar is ideal for packaging peanut butter, honey, marmalade, jams, pickles and similar products.
The material used is polypropylene (PP) for food grade filling convenience. Paired with our tight fitting regular twist off closure (RTO) with tamper-proof design, Itachi provides you the best quality jar and closure combination in the market. Custom colour closures available.

peanut butter jar

Safe and durable beverage bottles

Our 500 ml bottle is BPA free and can be manufactured in HDPE or PP. The ribbed construction creates strong walls for pressurized filling but still maintains great surface area contact for labeling purposes. This bottle can be deployed for juices, milk and similar beverages. 

peanut farm
We work with the biggest food processing companies providing essential foods for the region!

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