Itachi attends Process Expo 2023 Chicago

The Process Expo 2023 in Chicago has been a cornucopia of innovation, especially when it comes to the food packaging industry. As we joined attendees roaming around from booth to booth, we were able to witness the latest in high-tech equipment and cutting-edge solutions. But what caught everyone’s eye was the indomitable focus on sustainability—a nod to the ever-increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly options. 

A Green Revolution in Food Packaging

Several exhibitors showcased packaging solutions that lean heavily into sustainability, ranging from bio-degradable materials to smarter manufacturing processes that minimize waste. Among the standout offerings were edible packaging options, developed using materials like seaweed, and compostable films that safely decompose without harming the environment. It was clear that the industry is not just sticking to regulatory demands but is eager to push the envelope in eco-conscious innovation.

While most companies focus on serving established markets, Itachi Plastics has its eyes set on the untapped potential of Zimbabwean food packagers. Our international standard packaging can help your business break into the international export market. 

It’s an exciting time to be part of this industry. The Process Expo has made it clear that sustainable food packaging isn’t just a niche; it’s becoming the standard. And as we move towards a greener future, companies who lead the charge in innovation will not only capture market share but will also make a positive impact on the planet.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for current and future packaging needs. We will help you chart a course to the future and ensure the health and growth of the Zimbabwean food production industry.

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